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Turanj is kind of an eternal kitten. She's goofy and sweet, definitely topping the charts as the silliest adult kitty in the house. Cat toys, catnip and even her own reflection can entertain her for quite some time.


Turanj's fur is very thick and cottony. It's incredibly soft and will grow quite long. I typically trim it, particularly around her face, so that she will dry more quickly after she gets a drink of water.


Turanj has the most extreme face of all of the cats in our home. Her "smushy" face can make her appear "concerned" or "grumpy" but she's actually a very curious and happy kitty.


She's a friendly, sociable little lovebug who likes to be near her people and in the middle of the action.

Former Queen Turanj


Registered Name: FanC Paws Turanj of Azyuwishpurr

CFA# 3019-02063327


Turanj is a dilute calico Persian who was born on April 19, 2015. She is from FanC Paws cattery in Gresham, Oregon.


"Turanj" (pronounced Ter-ahnj) means "Orange".


She's a total sweetheart of a kitty! Every morning she follows me around asking for pets as I open the blinds and go about my morning routine. She purrs loudly and makes it quite clear that she appreciates the attention.


Turanj has had one litter, born by Cesarean. X-rays showed that her pelvic cavity is too small to deliver kittens naturally. The veterinarian who delivered her kittens confirmed that fact during the surgery. We had her spayed at the time of her surgical delivery to spare her future complications.


All of her kittens were males. We called them "The Limited Editions".


Turanj was an amazingly devoted mother. She often even patiently nursed Shadi's older kittens. She's just extremely affectionate and loving by nature.


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