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King Tash


Registered Name: Paz 4 Play Kochak Tash

CFA# 3032-02022137


Tash is a shaded silver Persian male who was born on October 1, 2013 at the Paz 4 Play Cattery in Salem, OR. He came to live with us when he was about 6 and a half months old. He is relatively small in stature. In fact, his name means "little master" or "little partner".


Tash has extremely soft fur that I brush frequently. He loves to be brushed and pet. He often follows us around, talking to us and letting us know that he'd like some attention. He doesn't mind being carried around. He likes to be with his people and will curl up next to me to sleep or sit on a top sofa cushion and extend his paw to touch my shoulder as I read. He'll happily soak up all of the attention that he is given, but he is not over-bearing in demanding attention like some cats can be. While he is a "lover", he can also function independently.


Tash is a mellow cat. Not much bothers him. In fact, he is so laid-back that he'll spread himself out on the floor underfoot. He couldn't care less about the hustle and bustle around him, instead trusting us to walk over or around him.


Tash drapes himself over all kinds of things - chairs, window sills, stair rails... He also sleeps in very strange positions. Sometimes he'll nap virtually upside-down with his feet up in the air, or he'll doze off in a sitting position on a chair.


Tash is currently the only male cat in our home and he is the sire of all of our kittens.

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