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Snohomish, Washington

Telephone: 360.563.2849


Azyu Wish "Purr"sians requires that all new kitten owners sign a written contract. This agreement protects the buyer, the breeder and the kitten.


Among other things, the contract:


1) specifies actions to take if you are ever unable to continue to care for your Persian. It is important to us that our cats are not re-sold or placed in shelters.


2) keeps communication open between us. We need to know if our cats develop illnesses or conditions on down the line so that we may adjust our breeding practices to improve the breed. Plus, we love to hear how the kitties are doing!


3) guarantees that you are receiving a healthy, purebred Persian that has received regularly scheduled vet care up to the time that it will leave for your home.


4) includes both a short-term and a long-term health guarantee that, as defined, protect both of us in case of illness or inherited health conditions.


5) protects your cat by setting reasonable expectations for the environment in which your kitty will be living.


6) specifies whether you will be receiving a Persian with full CFA registration and breeding rights, limited CFA "NFB" (Not For Breeding) registration, or no CFA registration papers at all.


7) prevents our kittens from ending up in pet-mills or laboratories.


8) releases us from liabilities or damages caused by or relating to your Persian after the time of sale.


9) outlines how the deposit program works.


Download the Azyu Wish "Purr"sians Contract with Health Guarantee here: Kitten Contract


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