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Pabu and Tash - Litter #1


The kittens in this litter were born to Pabu and Tash on April 20, 2015.

1. "Lilith" - Female - first born

Shaded Silver Persian

Pictured above at 23 days old

SOLD to Steve and Kari in Aloha, OR

The photo above was taken on April 20, 2015, just a few minutes after all five kittens had been born.

2. Male - second-born

Bi-Color Shaded Silver Persian


Pictured at left at 23 days old

Pictured above at 8 weeks old


Description: He loves attention. When someone walks in the room, he runs to greet that person and mews for pets. He likes to cuddle on necks, shoulders, chests, stomachs... anything. He purrs a lot, especially when given attention. There is no where he would rather be than with you.


SOLD to Taylor and Kenzie in Wilsonville, OR

3. Female - third born

Bi-Color Shaded Silver Persian


Pictured to the left at 23 days old

Pictured above at 8 weeks old


Description: She is very friendly and likes people. She often comes over to see when new people arrive, but does not usually beg for pets. She prefers to be around people and will sleep at your feet. She is very playful and keeps herself well groomed.


SOLD to Gaye, Melissa and Ava in Albany, OR

4. Female - fourth-born

Blue Silver Tabby Persian


Pictured to the left at at 23 days old

Pictured above at 8 weeks old


Description: She likes people, but is not always underfoot. She often observes goings-on from nearby. She is soft-hearted and generally likes a quieter setting. She doesn't "talk" much unless she feels uncomfortable or scared. But don't let her unobtrusive nature fool you. She's very smart, playful and likes to sleep near her people.


SOLD - to Chris and Amy in Happy Valley, OR

5. Male - fifth-born

Shaded Silver Persian


Pictured to the left at 23 days old

Pictured above at 8 weeks old


Description: He is playful and adventurous. He likes to climb everything, including people, because he's an explorer. He loves people and being pet. He is active, but not especially vocal. He prefers to be with other animals or people.


SOLD - to Kathy and Gary in SE Portland

The photo to the left is of the litter born April 20, 2015. The picture was taken on May 13, 2015 when the kittens were 23 days old.



#1 Female Shaded Silver

#4 Female Blue Silver Tabby

#2 Male Bi-Color Shaded Silver

#3 Female Bi-Color Shaded Silver

#5 Male Shaded Silver

To the right are the kittens at 24 days old (May 14th). I accidentally caught the little bi-color male mid-meow. There is a better photo of him above in the center front.


Shaded silvers start out with dark coats and they lighten up over time. Please refer to Tash and Shadi's pages (under the "Our Cats" tab) to see examples of shaded silver coats on older cats.

Clockwise from Top: Female Bi-Color Shaded Silver, Female Blue Silver Tabby, Male Bi-Color Shaded Silver, Male Shaded Silver.


These videos are of 4 of the Persian kittens from the 4/20/2015 litter playing on our daughter's bed on 6/16/2015. The first-born kitten from the litter is not in the video. Our daughter was sitting on the bed covered in a blanket, using her laptop. The kittens were snuggled up over her legs. The kittens are 8 weeks old in the videos.


June 16, 2015

Below: The kittens at their first veterinary exam

Please Note: While the kittens in this litter were purebred and the litter was produced with permission and breeding rights for the queen and king, these kittens were not sold with registration paperwork. Each buyer was required to sign a spay/neuter contract.

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