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Queen Pabu


Pabu is a purebred bi-color blue point Himalayan. She was born on June 6, 2013 to Keana and Koda from Purrheart Himalayans in Salem, Oregon. She came to us at 8 weeks old. Pabu is a medium-sized cat structurally, but is a rather picky eater. Her weight tends to hover around 7 pounds.


Her "favorite things" include our daughter, Vesper; our Yorshire Terrier, Lollie; and a red blanket of Vesper's. She also loves to investigate cardboard boxes and paper bags.


Pabu is mild-mannered and attentive. She likes to keep a close eye on her people and the goings-on in the household. While not a lap-cat, she does stick close to her humans, often sleeping next to us when we are hanging out around the house. At night, Pabu keeps Vesper company. She's affectionate and loves to be scratched behind the ears and under her chin.


Pabu is a loving mother and takes excellent care of her kittens. She is very hygienic with both herself and her kittens. She trusts her humans and has no problem with us handling her babies so that they may become accustomed to human interaction.

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